Ithaca Nei Gong Lotus Nei Gong certified training

Classes starting up

training space image

After quite a bit of work, the training space is ready. As of this writing, we’ve had two classes, teaching six people. The schedule is a bit random-looking at first glance, but is set up to fit the needs of those who are interested.

Our classes have been covering:

  • A bit of theory explanation, discussing congenital nature, distortions coming from the acquired nature, and how nei gong works to reduce these distortions.
  • A lot of stretching - trying to begin the process of bringing the body to a neutral point by addressing gross physical tensions.
  • A little bit of core work. Leg lifts. Planks. Just a bit at first. We will work into this slowly.
  • Exploring body alignments, in particular the kua, and starting to form the wuji shape.
  • The beginning of the Ji Ben Qi Gong set, and interspersing movement with no movement.

I have a bit of traveling for my own training coming up soon, which will interrupt classes here. My goal is to give people some principles to start digging into while I’m away. When I get back, we’ll see how those went, clean up anything that needs it, and start layering on more principles. In my opinion, this is the way things should work - we take one new principle at a time and integrate it, then another, and another. Trying to integrate many new things at once is very difficult for most people.