Ithaca Nei Gong Lotus Nei Gong certified training


We offer Qi Gong training, following the Lotus Nei Gong syllabus.

More information on the Lotus Nei Gong practices of Qi Gong and Nei Gong can be found here. In particular, have a look at the Level 1 practice description.

A typical training session runs for 90 minutes (though I admit to often running a bit over). We start with a stretching routine which is designed to hit typical areas of tightness and imbalance. After this, we usually do a small amount of core training, to build connectivity in the abdomen. People who are not used to it can find the stretching and core work challenging, but we always encourage each person to operate within their own limits. Discomfort is good, damage is bad.

We next focus on the two main aspects of qigong practice - stillness and movement. For stillness, we build a standing posture, named Wuji (“without projections”), which is designed to be a neutral state in which change can unfold. For movement, we use simple qi gong movements - which are typically nourishing, or dao yin movements - which are used for clearing blockages from the body. Each movement is essentially one “instruction” to the body, to purge or nourish a region. Our standard training pattern is to repeat one movement for long enough that it is the only instruction present in the body, and then stand in wuji to give the intended effect of that instruction a chance to manifest in the body. After some time in wuji, we repeat.

In a single class, we may only use one or two movements. This is because we are aiming for a depth of effect in training, rather than accumulating a large portfolio of movements that we’ve only just touched the surface of.

Lotus Nei Gong is a powerful system. As we enter deeper into the process, there are elements that arise which can be fairly heavy. It is best if the students can treat these arisings as essentially ridiculous. When considering training with us, you should ask yourself if you have a desire to train deeply and if you have an adventurous spirit.

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